Mindless Consumption: What It Is and How to Reduce It

Stop being a mindless consumer.

Our society is obsessed with having more, and we are constantly bombarded with consumer-driven marketing that tells us what we have right now isn’t good enough. We desire to have the best and newest product on the market with a contorted expectation that that will finally be what satisfies this need for more.  

Even worse, we have lost our ability to practice self-discipline, and this mindless consumption spills over into every area of our life. When we let consumerism creep in, we risk losing the opportunity for deep connection with our family and community. We lose touch with our bodies and the signals that alert us that we’ve had enough.  

Mindless consumption, when given the opportunity, will wreak havoc on your life and family.  Fortunately, as your life mentor and financial freedom coach, Meru Mentor can help you recognize and prevent mindless consumption from taking over.

What is Mindless Consumption? 

Mindless consumption can look different in different situations. It is taking in endless amounts of information, food, or products without stopping to evaluate the situation.  

Often these actions are impulsive. Whether we want to feel the satisfaction of purchasing a new outfit or want to sit and scroll on our phones, these things will never fully quench our thirst for more.

Types of Mindless Consumption  

As mentioned before, there are many ways we can be mindless consumers.  

Mindless Eating  – When you sit down to enjoy a new show or movie, do you grab your favorite snack too? While this is not necessarily a bad way to relax, you are much more prone to eat mindlessly. If this is a habit you struggle with, consider having your snack before you sit down in front of the television. 

Mindless Spending – Marketing is not as innocent as you may think. There is a lot of human psychology at play when it comes down to how to market products. The rush you feel when you make a purchase (especially when you snag a deal) is not by accident. However, we must practice self-control and recognize there are other ways to feel that peak in emotion in healthier and more affordable ways. 

Mindless Content – Information is becoming increasingly available in every form. Whether we mindlessly scroll social media, stare blankly at a television screen, or infiltrate our minds with secular music — when we are not actively engaging in what we are consuming, it becomes a concern. Be intentional about what shows you watch and the music you allow in your car and home. Regardless of whether we realize it or not, those scenes and lyrics will impact our lives. 

Negative Effects of Consumerism 

Of course, we cannot remove ourselves completely from being consumers of some kind. However, we can safeguard ourselves from consuming information and content that is detrimental to our well-being. 

A few negative effects consumerism has on us and others include:  

  • Disconnected from our loved ones  
  • Pollution and low-quality product production 
  • Depression and self-esteem issues  
  • Hoarding  
  • Lower life satisfaction  

If you desire to be a participant in your life, you will need to learn how to become a mindful consumer again. Turn to Meru Mentor for professional coaching and mentoring if you need support.

4 Ways to be a Mindful Consumer 

Being a mindful consumer means not falling for all of the marketing schemes and knowing your limitations. Here are four ways to stop being a mindless consumer and move towards mindful consumption: 

Stop and Reevaluate

Before you make your next purchase, pause before the checkout line and think about what this new item will add to your life. Is it worth it? Will the “rush” of the purchase end before you even get home?  

Ask yourself why you are “relaxing” by staring at your phone. If you’re looking for a way to escape your current situation, maybe you should determine why you feel the need to escape. 

Consider Your Motivations 

What is the real reason you feel like you need this product? It is impossible for you to feel the need to keep up with the Joneses, or maybe you can learn to be satisfied going your own way. 

Remember Your Goals and Dreams  

We all have goals and dreams; however, they are easily forgotten when we are mindlessly consuming what the world is throwing at us. Take time to write those dreams down and come back to them often.

Discipline Yourself 

We often see the word “discipline” and immediately think it is a bad thing. However, self-discipline is a lost art. It is incredibly important that we learn how to practice discipline in our own lives to pursue what really matters.  

If you have a goal of reducing your mindless scrolling, you will have to be disciplined enough to put your phone down and put it on “do not disturb” so you can give your time and attention elsewhere.

Learn to Be a Mindful Consumer with Life Mentoring  

It is challenging to switch your mentality from being able to consume whatever you want whenever you feel like it, but understanding the negative effects of consumerism will help you move towards mindful consumption. Who or what are you going to allow to consume your time, money, and mind?

If you’d like to discuss how life mentoring can help reduce your mindless consumption, book a free consultation today. Meru Mentor can provide the life mentoring and guidance necessary to help you escape this habit.

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