How to Change Your Life for the Better in 2023

Why Change is Good 

Do you ever look around and imagine what life would look like if you stopped the bad habits and chose to change your life for the better?

Comparing yourself to others is generally not a healthy practice, but sometimes being able to see that there are other ways of living is a good thing. It can be easy for us to get caught up in the everyday routines of life, causing us to forget that we are responsible for the change we desire to experience in our lives.  At Meru Mentor, we encourage our mentees to embrace change in personal goal-setting because it makes success easier to achieve.

Many people resist change because familiarity is a comfortable place to be, but rarely do we see growth when we refuse to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Embracing change is a good thing! When we appreciate change for what it is — an opportunity to grow — we open ourselves up to many new opportunities. 

Three Ways to Change Your Life 

Before you dive into changing your life, you will first need time to understand what areas of your life you desire to see transformed. For some, this answer is obvious, but for others, it may take a little soul-searching.  Either way, Meru Mentor is here to guide you as your personal life mentor.

A few areas you may like to see a change in your life could include:  

  • Job situation 
  • Income level 
  • Morning routine 
  • Phone usage  
  • Disposition towards a family member 
  • Response when things don’t go as planned 

The list could go on and on. It will vary depending on your stage of life and priorities, but change is possible for everyone!  

Once you’ve established what area of your life needs transformation, it’s time to get to work. Just because change is possible doesn’t mean it will come easy.

Here are three important steps to help you change your life:  

Set Goals – Get out a pen and pad to write down goals for yourself. Remember, growth happens outside your comfort zone, so push yourself to write down goals that scare you a little bit. Having your goals and timeline written down will give you something tangible to look back on to see your growth and change.

Be Intentional – Change is hard. We get so used to doing the exact same thing that it will take intentionality to be able to break our habits and experience transformation. 

Have Accountability – A friend or life coach is key to helping you stay on track, keeping you accountable, and supporting you as you work towards changing your life. 

Give yourself grace as you work towards changing your life, habits, and circumstances. Small steps forward are still steps in the right direction!

Let Meru Help You Change Your Life

Change isn’t just going to happen overnight. If we only ever dream about what we desire our life to look like in five to 10 years but do nothing about it, then we will never reach that point in our lives!  

Everything requires transformation at some time or another. Are you ready to take action and stop living in the “what if”? Let Meru Mentor show you how change is possible! Book a consultation today and explore change in our coaching and mentoring sessions.

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