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The Currencies of Life reveals The Wealth Accelerator Method℠, a 7-step process that will take you from feeling stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled to the joyful, peaceful and fulfilled life that you deserve. This book will take you on a journey through Meru’s experiences and authentic life-stories, causing a shift in your perspective and give you a strategic action plan for personal breakthrough.

Some falsely believe that debt and financial problems are isolated to money but Meru eloquently reveals that chronic emotional debt is at the root of a negative bank account, suffering relationships, and an unfulfilled life. Meru shares the same principles that she has incorporated into her own life to heal her relationships, grow her own financial portfolio and change the legacy that she is leaving to her family.

This book is a MUST READ if you are tired of working hard but life is hardly working. The secrets that are revealed in this book will empower you to invest the emotional, spiritual and financial currencies of your own life in a way that reaps a bountiful harvest.  You will deepen your relationships, grow your finances and create a more meaningful life as you apply The Wealth Accelerator Method℠.  Are you ready for a wealthy, abundant, fulfilled life?

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